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Learn how you can build your own thriving speaking business that transforms lives and earns you $50,000 to $100,000 per year.


You are cordially invited to an exclusive roundtable event for a select group of speakers, trainers, authors, coaches and infopreneurs who are serious about making real impact and real income through public speaking. Due to limited seating we can only accept 16 participants for this event.


This is NOT a public seminar with rows and rows of people. This is an up close and personal roundtable with me and my team coaching and assisting you with your speaking business.

Note: Only register for this event if you are serious about making impact and income in your speaking business. Here is a preview of topics that will be discussed at the roundtable.

This exclusive speak and grow rich roundtable is for you if you want to:

Generate a six-figure income while teaching what you love

Master your topic and deliver "captivating" presentations

Brand yourself as the expert in your specific niche

Develop high impact products that people will line up to buy

Design a turn-key system for easily moving your products

Get people to attend your events the first time and every time

How to negotiate with hotels and event planners

What equipment you need to build your speaking business

A specific 3 step system for building your client base

How to use seminars to increase your profits in any business

Seven proven ways to profit from your speaking business



Want to know the secret to becoming a communication powerhouse? 

The answer is simple. It's called platform time! The only way to become an outstanding communicator is to learn it on the platform. Many speaker's trainings offer great principles but that's as far as it goes. Few (if any) ever offer you the opportunity to speak on their platforms and that's why most speakers never achieve the success that they deserve. COC has shared its platform with nearly 300 speakers over the past several years. That's why our speakers succeed.

Benefits of attending this private event:

1 Platform time.  When you are on the platform, you are getting practice, if you're getting practice, you're getting good! "Practicing "in the mirror" at home will never make you a great speaker or get you paid speaking engagements. Our training system guarantees you the opportunity to practice your craft and perfect your unique message --- on and off of the platform.

2. Exposure.  When you are on the platform, your gift is on display. When your gift is on display, your message is being heard by individuals and organizations that may want to book you in the future. It only takes ONE open door to launch you into phenomenal speaking success!

3. Product production. No speaker will reach his or her full potential without a supporting line of teaching and training products. Our network will help you to package "what you know" for impact and income.

4. Earn steady income. Unfortunately, many speakers never earn the kind of money that they deserve. This is due to a lack of knowledge of how the speaking business works and not understanding the dynamics of effective marketing.




It's obvious that the fastest route to your success is working with someone who's already achieved the results you are working towards. Being mentored or coached by someone who's "been there, done that" can eliminate years off your learning curve in a matter of minutes.

My mission at the Speak and Grow Rich Roundtable is to pour what I have learned over the last three decades into a select group of hungry individuals who are ready to increase their influence, impact and income through the awesome power of public speaking. If that's you, simply register using the form below.

This event is by invitation only. Please do you use this section if you did not receive an invitation by email from Bob Yates or Circle of Champions Seminars. Thank you.


Speak and Grow Rich Roundtable 2019

Special Event!

Speak and Grow Rich Roundtable!

Thursday, April 18 at 6:45 PM

BLE Executive and Virtual Office Suites 9701 Apollo Drive, Largo MD 20774

Conducted by Bob Yates

Master Trainer & Event Host

Founder - COC Seminars

More about this event here.


Speaking Tip:

"Your audience is there to hear your message. Relax and deliver that message, instead of focusing on yourself."


Who Should Join
Our Network?

Motivational Speakers
Business Owners
Sales People...

and all who want to increase their influence and income as a speaker or trainer


Speaking Tip:

"The most effective speakers make the fewest words go the furthest.

“Be sincere, be brief and be seated.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt


“Many attempts to communicate are nullified by saying too much.”

Ryan P. Allis


“The best way to sound like you know what you are talking about is to know what you are talking about.”

Unknown Author



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